Some very surprising news emerged yesterday suggesting that Sony is working on a new Xperia smartphone that would have a total of six cameras on its rear, and two on the front. The news came from Twitter leaker Max J (@Samsung_News_) who has a good track record of leaks.

Max said the phone is still in development, so there’s no guarantee that it would be released. However, we’re surprised that Sony is even considering it. This is the Sony that was late to the party with dual-camera smartphones – only introducing its first dual-camera smartphone last year. [read more…]


Sony Mobile is rolling out a new firmware update for the Xperia XZ3 and XZ2 family (Xperia XZ2, XZ2 Compact and XZ2 Premium) today. The new firmware moves the build number from 52.0.A.8.50 to version 52.0.A.8.83, and adds the 1 June 2019 Android security patches. No other changes have been noticed. If you have updated, please let us know your impressions below. [read more…]


Sony Mobile is rolling out the first firmware update for its new flagship, the Xperia 1. The update moves the build number from 55.0.A.2.205 to version 55.0.A.2.278, moving the Android security patches from April 2019 to June 2019 in the process. The update is live on both single SIM and dual SIM variants.

Frustratingly, Sony continues to think that no changelog is necessary for its smartphone updates, when pretty much every other manufacturer provides one. This remains the case with the Xperia 1, so we don’t know what other changes have been included. [read more…]


So, the Xperia 1 is already released in parts of Europe, and should hit other regions in the coming weeks. The Xperia 1 is available in four colours including Black, White, Grey and Purple. If you have already bought the Xperia 1 which colour did you go for and why? We know that in some regions not all colours are available, so did you get the colour you originally wanted?

If you are yet to buy, which Xperia 1 colour has your eye? Our vote goes for the Purple – it’s nice to see this classic Xperia colour back again – however, we’ve also been intrigued with the Grey version. Please vote for your choice in the poll and let us know your comments below. [read more…]


Sony’s older Xperia models used to support HDMI out, but for some inexplicable reason once Xperia phones started to adopt USB Type-C, it dropped support for HDMI/MHL output. None of the 2018 Xperia models, or older phones with USB Type-C supported HDMI/MHL output.

The good news is that Sony has finally brought back HDMI support with the Xperia 1. This means you can connect your Xperia 1 to an external display or TV which has an HDMI port using a USB-C to HDMI adapter cable. Similarly you can also connect to a monitor with DisplayPort using a USB-C to DisplayPort cable. [read more…]


Sony’s 2019 and 2018 mid-range families are seeing a new firmware update with the May 2019 Android security patches rolling out. Last year’s Xperia XA2, XA2 Ultra and XA2 Plus are seeing the firmware move from 50.2.A.0.352 to build number 50.2.A.0.379.

For the 2019 models, the Xperia 10 has had a new update to firmware 53.0.A.6.92, while the Xperia 10 Plus build number has moved to 53.0.A.6.88. It doesn’t look like there are any new features in this new firmware. If you have updated, please let us know your impressions in the comments below. [read more…]


The Xperia 1 is now available to order through the official Sony eStore in Europe. The handset is in stock in the UK portal available for £849 with black and purple colour options. Also, if you’re quick you can claim a free pair of WH-1000XM3 headphones – only 130 headphones are available on a first come, first served basis.

The Xperia 1 is also available in other regions, with the German and Italian eShops offering the handset in all four colours (black, purple, grey, white) for €949. Unfortunately there is no free headphones in these regions, although Sony does throw in a free Style Cover case. We would expect Sony’s other region shops to open orders soon too. Do you plan to pick up the Xperia 1? Let us know in the comments below. [read more…]


Sony Mobile has been on a roll recently, updating many of its Xperia smartphones to add the May 2019 Android security patches. You can see the full list below of Xperia phones that have been updated, which includes the XZ1, XA2 and XA1 ranges. However, even the Xperia L1, L2 and L3 were all updated to the same patches which was good to see.

It’s also worth noting that the Xperia 10, 10 Plus recently saw its first update which moved the build number to version 53.0.A.4.114. It remains a frustration that Sony does not provide a changelog for each update, but given the minor change in build number, we don’t imagine that there are much improvements beyond the new security patch. [read more…]


We have often reported that Sony will not give up on its smartphone business, despite drastically shrinking its operations in recent years. Sony has previously said that this has been led by the ambition of being a leading 5G player has seen the smartphone at the hub of that. Sony’s CEO reiterated its commitment to smartphones but gave a more fundamental reason to keep dabbling in mobile.

CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said, “we see smartphones as hardware for entertainment and a component necessary to make our hardware brand sustainable. And younger generations no longer watch TV. Their first touch point is smartphone.” [read more…]


Sony held a corporate strategy day earlier today, detailing its medium-term plans for the business to FY 2020 (31 March 2021). An update on each of the businesses was given, including the Electronics Products & Solutions Segment (EP&S) which now houses the mobile communication (MC) business under its umbrella.

There wasn’t much new information within what was presented. Sony confirmed it wants MC to be profitable by FY 2020, by reducing operating costs by 50 percent (vs FY 2017). It also aims to leverage its reorganisation under the EP&S segment to strengthen its product appeal for smartphones. It highlights the Xperia 1 as the first example of this. [read more…]


Some shocking news emerged over the weekend that is likely to have huge ramifications for the Android market. Reuters reported that as of last week, Huawei has been added to the ‘Entity List’ which means that US companies will no longer be able to conduct business with Huawei, without explicit approval from the US government first.

As a result, Google has frozen Huawei out of any hardware and software products – the only thing that Huawei has access to are open source licences. In practice, this means that any future phone that Huawei (or sub-brand Honor) brings to the market will not be able to access to the Google Play Store, Gmail and anything else covered through the Play services framework. [read more…]


Xperia Ace announced; Japan exclusive for now

May 16, 2019

Sony Mobile and NTT docomo have announced the Xperia Ace (SO-02L) a brand new smaller form-factor smartphone for the Xperia range. It will be a Japan exclusive for now, and launches on the docomo network, alongside the Xperia 1 (SO-03L). It arrives with a 5-inch 18:9 HD+ display and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon […]

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‘Xperia 2’ and ‘Xperia 20’ 3D renders leak

May 16, 2019

Sony’s 2019 flagship – the Xperia 1 – is still yet to formally launch, yet here we have the first leaks on its newest devices, which are likely to launch at IFA in early September 2019. Twitter user @OnLeaks, who has a great track record of providing accurate 3D renders of upcoming phones, has leaked […]

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Xperia 1 up for order in Japan with half the storage (64GB) of the global model

May 13, 2019

The Sony Xperia 1 has been formally announced for the Japanese market. Two carriers have so far picked up the device, including au by KDDI, where it will have model number SOV40, and Softbank, where it is expected to have model number 802SO. One of the curious things about the Japanese Xperia 1, is that […]

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Xperia XZ2/XZ3 range get updates; Xperia XA/XA Ultra and E5 too

May 12, 2019

Sony Mobile has released a number of updates for older phones recently. First up last year’s flagship devices the Xperia XZ3 and the XZ2 family (XZ2, XZ2 Compact and XZ2 Premium) have received the May 2019 Android security updates. The build numbers have moved from 52.0.A.8.25 to 52.0.A.8.50. Some even older handsets got updates out […]

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