Sony Mobile has updated the firmware for its mid-rangers, adding the September 2018 Android security patches for the Xperia XA2 range and the budget Xperia L2. The Xperia XA2, XA2 Ultra and XA2 Plus has seen its build number move to 50.1.A.13.83.

The Xperia L2’s build number moves from 49.0.A.5.70 to version 49.0.A.6.46. The updates to all devices are slowly rolling out to all regions. [read more…]


Sony Mobile has opened pre-orders for the Xperia XZ3 in the United States. The handset is now available to order from for $899.99. Three colours are on offer – Black, Forest Green and White Silver – it looks like Bordeaux Red is not available right now. There is a bonus if you pre-order the black version, you can get the Xperia Ear Duo for free. You can check out the pre-order links below.

So, for our US friends, who plans to pre-order the Xperia XZ3? Let us know in the comments below. [read more…]


A quick heads-up for owners of the Xperia XZ2, XZ2 Compact and XZ2 Premium, Sony is now rolling a new firmware update adding the 1 September 2018 Android security patches. This follows-on from the Xperia XZ1 series/XZ Premium update this morning. The latest update moves the build number from 51.1.A.11.26 to version 51.1.A.11.51. If you’ve noticed any other changes, let us know in the comments below. [read more…]


Sony Mobile is now pushing the latest firmware update for the Xperia XZ Premium and XZ1 family, moving the build number from 47.1.A.12.270 to version 47.1.A.16.20. This latest update includes the 1 September 2018 Android security patches. So no Android Pie just yet, but it has been caught testing on the Xperia XZ Premium, so hopefully Sony will meet its November deadline. [read more…]


Sony Mobile has updated the firmware of the Xperia Ear Duo, moving it to v2.0.0. The main new feature is the introduction of a dynamic normalizer function, which increases the volume of an audio source with a low volume, to match it with other audio sources. There is now also a caller name read-out function, as well as a current time read-out.

Other updates include improvements to head gesture accuracy and adaptive volume control. Improvements are also made to Ear Duo’s Adaptive Volume Control (AVC) decreasing wind interference. Sony has also updated the iOS firmware, which now includes voice notifications for the first time. [read more…]


The Sony Xperia XZ3 is due to be released on 5 October 2018, and if you pre-order the device from the official Sony Store Europe then you will be able to claim a free copy of the latest instalment in the Call of Duty franchise – Black Ops 4. The promotion will allow you to claim a digital copy of the game on its release on 12 October. For full details of the campaign click here. [read more…]


Sony Mobile Store Europe has opened up pre-orders for the Xperia XZ3. In the UK, the handset will cost £699 with three options available (Black, White Silver, Bordeaux Red). Forest Green is likely to be exclusive to a carrier in the UK. Sony has flagged the expected release date as 5 October 2018.

The handset is also on pre-order across Mainland Europe. For example, in Germany the handset will cost €799 where all four colours are available to pre-order. Sony does not appear to have any pre-order incentives through the official store in Europe unfortunately. So who will be pre-ordering? Let us know in the comments below. [read more…]


The Sony Xperia XZ3 has won wide praise at IFA – it comes with some decent upgrades over the Xperia XZ2, including the OLED display and AI gestures such as Side Sense and Smart Launch. Despite this, some have been disappointed that the Xperia XZ3 only comes with 4GB RAM, particularly when more and more flagships are now shipping with at least 6GB RAM.

However, it looks like the Xperia XZ3 will have a 6GB RAM variant available in Taiwan, judging by local media and the official Taiwanese spec page. This would follow the Xperia XZ2, where most models sported 4GB RAM, but the Asian models had 6GB RAM. It’s a shame that Sony couldn’t add 6GB RAM for all models, particularly this is Sony’s flagship device. Maybe, we’ll see that for the Xperia XZ4… [read more…]


Sony Mobile has been rolling a new firmware update for the Xperia XZ and XZs smartphones over the last week or so. The update moves the build number from 41.3.A.2.157 to version 41.3.A.2.171, and adds the 1 August 2018 Android security patches.

The Xperia X Performance used to receive the same builds at the same time as the XZ/XZs models, but currently remains on June 2018 security patches (build 41.3.A.2.149). We don’t know if this means that Sony has stopped updates for the X Performance, or whether it is not seeing the same monthly security release schedule as seen with the XZ/XZs models. [read more…]


Sony Mobile has announced the Xperia XZ3 at IFA 2018 – it is the first Sony smartphone to use an OLED display. The Xperia XZ3 has a 6-inch 2:1 QHD+ (2880 x 1440) HDR OLED display, and one of the advantages is that Sony will have an ‘always on display’ mode, which can show key information on the lock screen (clock, notifications etc).

The design of the phone is similar to that of the Xperia XZ2, incorporating a 2:1 ratio ‘skinny’ display, but the side bezels now go right to the edge of the phone. The use of 3D curved glass means that the design looks similar, in some respects, to the Samsung Galaxy S8/S9. Sony is once again using a curved back, with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which Sony says gives a ‘perfect hand fit’. [read more…]


Sony is very shortly due to host its IFA 2018 press conference at 1pm CEST today. We are expecting Sony to announce the Xperia XZ3, its first Xperia device with an OLED display. You can watch the livestream below, and let us know your impressions as the event unfolds. [read more…]


Sony probably won’t release a Compact Xperia model at IFA

August 29, 2018

For those hoping that Sony Mobile would release a new Compact model in the second half of the year, then you’re out of luck according to Roland Quandt (@rquandt), who just fully leaked the Xperia XZ3. He says that no Compact model is planned for tomorrow’s IFA event. What this means for the Compact variant […]

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Xperia XZ3 in full leak: 6-inch OLED display & touch sensitive frame [Update]

August 29, 2018

Sony Mobile is set to unwrap its latest flagship, the Xperia XZ3, at IFA 2018 tomorrow. However, a full gallery of pictures of the device and specs have just leaked courtesy of Roland Quandt (@rquandt) from It shows the Xperia XZ3 in all four colours across various angles. The colours on show include Black, […]

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Sony says “seeing is believing” ahead of IFA reveal

August 28, 2018

Sony Mobile is building up its teasers ahead of IFA 2018, where it is expected to announce new Xperia hardware. In a new tweet it says “seeing is believing”, along with a short video of the Xperia logo that reveals very little. Could this be a reference to Sony finally adopting an OLED display? This […]

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Xperia XZ3 – Four colours revealed

August 27, 2018

Sony Mobile has a history of releasing its phones in a range of attractive and elegant colours. It looks to continue this with the Xperia XZ3, with a new picture revealing the four colours that the handset will likely launch in at IFA 2018 later in the week. As well as the typical black and […]

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